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While writing for me is more than just a hobby, I love digging deeper and pulling out words straight from the heart. Some are silly, some are sappy, and some are a little sad. To give you a better feel for my writing style, here's a few open form stanzas.

Poetry: Text

Going to Bed Angry

I'm going to bed angry,
I'm fuming in my sleep.
I'd rather make a kill list,
Than count stupid, little sheep.
I'm too mad to be productive,
Yet too enraged to shut my eyes.
If someone sets me off the edge,
They must simply have to die.

It's Such a Shame

It’s such a shame

You were playing games

When I had thought

The best of you.

You said keep in touch,

But I caught your bluff.

What did I ever do to you?

I was so strung up

By your gentle touch.

You seemed so pure,

So insecure.

We shared same passions,

We shared same dreams.

I thought we would at least 

Be on each other’s team.

It’s such a shame 

we’re worlds apart.

It’s such a shame 

You hold a different heart.

It’s such a shame

You turned away,

With no explanation why

You went astray. 

I’ll try not to keep you,

I’ll have to let you go,

Only because

I feel like I need you.

I adored you when I knew you,

You were always on my mind.

I must confess,

I’d love to see you smile.

You were the one that took me home,

The one I think of when I’m alone.

Now you’re gone for good––

And what’s worse––

It's not in the way

you said you would. 

The Waiting Game

I've cast out every iron,

I've put them in the fire,

My eyes still grow ablaze

To watch it burn.

My hope is disintegrating.

It's gnawing at me,

It's aching.

I'm so tired of playing

This waiting game.

Waiting for the text,

And the email,

And the letter,

And that person to call me 'their's',

I'm trying to show the world

What I'm made of,

But I'm waiting on them all

To respond to me first.

Poetry: Work
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