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A collection of screenplays and teleplays (and previews of more to come)!


Cease and Desist (Pilot)

September 2020

Benny is having one hell of a mid-life crisis. Her crippling addiction to alcohol not only costs her her job, but her successful husband is filing for divorce and seeking full custody of her daughter, Morgan. With everyone in her life abandoning her, Benny has no one but her imagined, dead grandmother for company. Things couldn't look more grim––until she's called to collect a mysterious fortune left behind by the mother she never knew.


Judas (Short Film)

July 2017

Jerry Moynihan struggles to reconnect with a former flame while caring for his aging mother. This is an adapted screenplay of the famous Irish short story by Frank O'Connor.


Earagail (Documentary Short)

July 2017

A short documentary about one of the biggest celebrations on the Emerald Isle. Travel to Donegal, Ireland and learn about this multi-disciplinary arts festival featuring performers from across the globe.


Senioritis (10-Minute Play)

April 2018

When drunken part-goer, Hannah, accidentally stumbles into med student, Josie's off-campus apartment, both girls begin an unconventional friendship and teach each other that not everything goes according plan.

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